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What is the career mapping tool?

It is an interactive aid to help you explore the roles in government communications. It allows you to quickly see the key skills needed and potential development options that may help you be better prepared to do those roles. The aim is to help you plan both short and longer-term career development.

Remember: options given are suggestions, not a “to do” list. You should always discuss options with your line manager to check that they are in line with business needs and any budget constraints.

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Why has it been created?

A survey of Directors of Communications and their customers tells us that success in more senior roles depends on a good understanding of all areas of communication as well as skills and experience in business management and leadership. It also showed that most Directors of Communication have built their careers by working across communication disciplines as well as in different sectors: public, private and third sector. Crucially, this allowed them to develop generalist skills around business management and corporate leadership.

The Career Mapping Tool draws on their experience and information from the survey. It gives you a way of exploring different skills, both specialist and generalist, for your current role and also allows you to project forward and see what development options can help you be better prepared for your future career.

Where did the data come from?

The data on skills and development options has been drawn from a range of different sources including: Evolve role profile database, development advisors and specialist communicators in departments. The key skills shown are those most often cited as important for each role. Where needed, we have also listed newer or emerging skills such as customer insight and corporate communications.

What is the relationship with Evolve?

Evolve focuses on the communication skills needed for a specific role. The career mapping tool combines these in a single view with the generalist skills that communicators need to develop too. By providing examples of development that could help, the career mapping tool can help provide a more rounded picture of the skills and experience you need to develop your career most effectively.